Alltec Silicone Lubricant (Copy)

£6.29 plus VAT

An easy-to-use aerosol silicone lubricant to maintain the quick release connectors are worn and damaged very quickly, oil based products are simply washed away.  can also be used to keep your machine looking good.


An easy to use aerosol silicone lubricant for maintaining the quick release connectors on your machine and solution hoses. Helps to prevent premature failure and damage, covering the parts with a waterproof, protective film. Can also be used to clean, polish and protect the body of your machine to keep it looking good at all times.

Directions for use:
Shake can well.
Spray directly onto working parts of both the male & female connectors.
To use as a polish, spray sparingly on the body of the machine and polish with a lint-free cloth.


Download the MSDS; Silicone Lubricant