Magnificent Seven Spotting Kit

£46.20 plus VAT

Check out these seven stain removing products for carpets and upholstery.


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Kit Contains:

UNBELIEVABLE – Quick action spot and stain remover suitable for use on most carpet types.WoolSafe approved.
GELSOLV – A high performance multi-purpose solvent for the removal of chewing gum, blue tack and oily or tar like stains from carpet.
TRUSTY – Safe to use on both carpet and upholstery for the removal of rust and some water based stains. WoolSafe approved.
COFFEE BREAK – Low pH spotter used to assist in the removal of coffee, tannin, berry red wine and fruit juice stains. WoolSafe approved.
GREASE RELEASE – Specialised high performance multi-purpose spotter used for removing oily or tar like stains from carpet and clothing prior to extraction, shampooing or laundering. WoolSafe approved.
SENSATION – Carpet spotter developed to solve the problem of cleaning hard to remove albuminous based spots.
BROWNING TREATMENT – Fast acting, no rinse carpet and upholstery spotter for the removal of most browning and water mark stains. Specifically it will remove most berry stains, mercurochrome and gentian violet dyes. It can also be used as a final spotter after COFFEE BREAK on urine and juice related stains. Apply diluted solution via trigger spray.

Chewing gum scraper, Nitrile gloves, Spotting Cloth, 500ml Research Trigger bottle and a spotting chart.

All bottels are 500ml and certain products may be refilled from our standard product range.