Staingard SB 1Ltr

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The Professionals choice for impregnating natural & manmade tiles. Stain-Gard SB (Impregnator), with its New Advanced Resin-Technology™ forms an invisible, protective shield on the surface and penetrates deep into the stone, to help prevent staining from both water and oil based spills.


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Staingard WB (Impregnator) Product Description: * Low Odour * Protects against Water & Oil spillages * Helps Prevent Staining * Long Lasting * Invisible coating * Easy to Use * Contains Natural Plant Extracts * NEW Advanced Resin-Technology™ Stain-Gard WB (Impregnator) is a new and unique water based impregnator, which is a safe, low odour alternative to solvent impregnators. Stain-Gard WB (Impregnator) can be used for impregnating most natural stone and unglazed Ceramic tiles, helping to prevent staining from water and oil based spills. With its New Advanced Resin-Technology™ produces an invisible, highly protective shield, both within the stone and on the surface. Stain-Gard WB (Impregnator) will help prevent the stone from becoming stained by repelling daily dirt and grime, making cleaning and maintenance considerably easier, preventing premature replacement. For use on Marble, Granite, terrazzo, travertine, sandstone, limestone, brick sets, York stone, amalgamated stone, slate and un-glazed Ceramic tiles. Particularly useful in kitchens, utility areas, bathrooms, shower rooms, dining rooms and all other areas where spillages may occur. COVERAGE: Approx. 20-45 sq mtrs per litre (20-50ml per sq mtr) on polished/less absorbant surfaces. 10-20 sq mtrs on absorbant surfaces (50-100ml per sq mtr). PRODUCT ADVICE: Ensure under floor heating is turned off and allow floor to cool prior to application. Test product for any colour change in an inconspicuous area before use. DIRECTIONS FOR USE: Invert container before use – Ensure the area to be treated is clean and free from any residues, dust and dirt. Using a clean dry cloth, applicator, sponge, brush or roller, apply a thin, even coat over the area to be treated. When dry, apply a second coat (more absorbant surfaces may require additional coats). Wait until most of the product has been absorbed and use Stain-Gard WB applied by cloth to remove any excess product; buff up and polish areas with a clean, dry cloth. DRYING TIME: Product should be touch dry after 3-4 hours, and fully cured within 24-36 hours. MAINTENANCE: Maintenance of your floors should be undertaken at regular intervals. For daily or routine cleaning use Professional Care & Maintainer. For higher levels of hygiene use Anti Bacterial Floor Cleaner. SAFETY PRECAUTIONS: Use only in a well ventilated areas. Wear appropriate safety gloves, eye protection, in confined areas where inadequate ventilation is not available a suitable respirator must be used.