Climashield Roof Coating – Makes Old Roof Tiles Look Like New (20 litres) BLACK

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Roof Tile Paint & Coloured Roof Coating

Protective roof coating for ageing roof tiles that may have lost their original colouring. An application of roof tile paint or roof coating transforms and weatherproofs old, tired roof tiles.

Smartseal Climashield roof tile paint comes in 7 traditional colours. Once applied, the roof tiles are aesthetically transformed and protected from the wind and rain.

**** This is a listing for BLACK  Roof Tile Paint. Contact us on 0044 (0)28 6634 1416 if you would like to order a different colour ****

Climashield roof coatings are resistant to moss and algae growth and will remain colour fast for many years. Smartseal roof tile paints are breathable, water-vapour permeable,  allow the roof to ‘breathe’ and will not flake or peel.

If after roof cleaning a protective coating or roof sealer is not applied, problems with moss and algae growth can become more intensive. Smartseal roof tle paints are colour fast, with a 10 year loss of colour guarantee and have been independently tested to the highest manufacturing standards.

It is vital that all roof coatings or roof paints allow flexibility within the tile as moisture and temperature levels change. Smartseal roof tile paints are manufactured using the highest quality acrylic polymers, blended with liquid pigments and binding agents to allow ‘flexing’ of the roof tiles at all times.



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Roof has to be professionally cleaned with a pressure washer, with all moss and algae spores removed. The roof should then be treated with a biocide and left to dry. Mix roof paint properly using a plasterers ‘paddle’ ensuring no sediment  is present.  For best results, apply by la airless sprayer or brush. For a consistent finish and long term protection, two coats of roof coating should be applied. Average coverage 4m² – 6m² per litre dependant on porosity of tile, ambient temperature and weather conditions.


  • Solvent free acrylic based coating for concrete roof tiles only
  • Protects against infestation of moss and algae
  • Excellent adhesion to roof tile – will not peel or flake
  • Breathable moisture vapour permeable coating
  • Flexible and heat resistant to European climate

UV light and general weathering to European Standards.
Tested in accordance with BS EN ISO 6860 and TR010/ISO 4892-3 for resistance to accelerated weathering, equivalent to 5 years outdoor exposure in Europe. The results of these tests showed no sign of embrittlement or degradation of the coating.

Freeze Thaw Resistance.
Tested in accordance with JIS A 6909 Clause 5.9.1 and showed no sign of any mechanical damage of the coating from the tests.

Adhesion to the Roof Tile.
Tested in accordance with BS EN ISO 4624 and the coating did not come away in any of the tests. In all tests the roof tiles failed due to the pull off load before the coating had an opportunity to come away from the tile.

Water Vapour Permeability.
Tested in accordance with ASTM D1653 and it was confirmed that the coating was vapour permeable.

Climashield Roof Coating comes with a 10 year product guarantee*

*Guaranteed not to flake, blister or peel away from the concrete roof tiles during that period.


Wear appropriate safety wear at all times. Harmful If swallowed, seek medical help immediately. Will cause irritation to skin and eyes, rinse of immediately with clean water

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