De-Brown No1 500g

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For use when cleaning white and off-white carpets to prevent browning. Also for the removal of cellulosic browning from wicking by jute or hessian backed carpets and tanning stains on light carpets.


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An oxidising bleach for carpet browning and the removal of stains on white and off-white carpets caused by the wicking of fugative dyes from carpet backings, and for the whitening of rug fringes.

Directions for use:
Always test area first.  Mix 40g (one tablespoon) per 10L warm water (not above 50oC) and extract clean as normal.
For cellulosic browning; add 80g (two tablespoons) per 5L cold water (or dry foam for quicker drying) and dab onto affected area with a clean sponge. Do not overwet.

Download the MSDS: De-Brown No 1


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