Dye Gone Stain Remover (Sprayer Kit) (Dye, Stain and Spot Treatment) (650ml Single)

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World-Class Professional-Grade dye, spot, and stain remover – easy to use and for professional use only – fantastic self-mixing two part dye-removal spotter


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SEE SEPARATE VIDEO IN VIDEO SECTION Chemspec Dye Gone – Designed specifically for Professional Use – due to it’s particularly effective, powerful composition (which requires usual industry standard care (and testing) in it’s use), Dye Gone, (updated from the highly acclaimed Helpmate Coffee Stain Remover) is a highly flexible and “all purpose” patented and guaranteed formula. Dye Gone is designed to treat both red and white wine, and stubborn coffee, tea or dye stains. Dye Gone is especially effective on treating spots, stains and dye in synthetic fibres. In fact on some synthetic fibres there is a lifetime guarantee that this product will remove any dye stain. Dye Gone is designed to be effective on coffee, tea, barbeque sauce, gravy, betadine / Iodine, urine, soy sauce, all wine and much more, in fact anything containing a dye.

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