Masonry Protection Cream

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Damp Proofing Cream & Brick Sealer for Walls and Masonry


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Climashield™ Masonry Protection Cream is a VOC free, water based, protective treatment specially formulated to create strong waterproofing properties on brickwork, masonry and render. The deeply penetrating Masonry Cream is a very effective damp proofer and brick sealer that forms a strong barrier against penetrating damp. The waterproofing masonry sealer will last up to 25 years.

In a storm dry walls are essential if you want to avoid water ingress and long term damp. The Masonry Protection Cream provides long lasting protection from water penetration and the spread of damp in masonry and brickwork by filling the porous voids within the substrate without blocking them. This allows the masonry to release trapped moisture and to ‘breathe’, preventing moisture build up.

Unlike waterproof paints and waterproof coatings that are available in DIY stores our protective cream is far more effective and lasts much longer. It will also retain the original dry appearance of the substrate so it is ideally suited for application to brickwork, stonework and most forms of unprotected masonry.

This highly effective damproofing system will also provide a highly effective additional barrier to flooding as part of any existing flood protection system.

Dry damproof walls will also increase the thermal efficiency of a property. This can produce energy savings from an average of 6% to as much as 29%, if used in conjunction with other green deal systems.

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