Odour Kill 1L

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The most effective way to eliminate persistent odours such as vomit, urine, milk and food etc.  This complex blend of chemicals neutralise the bacteria that cause odours.  This product has a sweet smelling Cherry odour.


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Odour Kill Odour Eliminator is the most effective way to eliminate odours whilst cleaning. Combats odours such as vomit, urine, milk, food, pets, etc. This ready-to-use product is a complex blend of chemicals that works by neutralising the bacteria that cause the odour rather than just masking the smell.

pH 7.5

Directions for use:
Ready to use.
Use in well ventilated areas only.
Remove excess soil from surface and spray over affected area until thoroughly damp, clean with normal extraction system.
If using on a strong odour liquid spill, use with a specialised tool such as a Water Claw is recommended.

Download the MSDS: Odour Kill


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