Tarmac Restorer – Black

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Tarmac Restorer- BLACK- (Available in 5 & 20 litre)


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Tarmac Restorer for Driveways, Car Parks, Playgrounds and Tennis Courts

Repair and restore tarmac driveways with Tarmaseal™

Smartseal Tarmac sealer is a superb easy to apply Tarmac restorer designed to rejuvenate and transform tired tarmac. Tarmaseal™ is far superior to a tarmac paint and offers a cost effective alternative to a full replacement of a driveway.

  • Transform the appearance of any existing Tarmac driveway
  • Replaces lost resin from Tarmac, vastly superior to bitumen based tarmac paint
  • 20 litre drum, average coverage 40-60 sq metres
  • Easy to apply with roller
  • Re-creates original colour of Tarmac
  • Avoids need for expensive replacement of asphalt
  • Long term protection, reduces future Tarmac repair
  • Covers unsightly cement & oil stains or marks
  • Water based Tarmac Repair coating, environmentally friendly easy to apply product
  • 20 litre drum, average coverage 40-60 sq metres
  • Top up coats Of Tarmac sealer can be applied at any time
  • Reduces Tarmac stone loss and increases the life span of the Tarmac driveway’s
  • Waterproofs, re-colours and protects Tarmac
  • Resists oil, grease and dirt stains
  • Resists fungicidal and algae growth

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100ml Sample, 20 Litres, 5 Litres


Ensure the surface is thoroughly cleaned with a pressure washer or jet washer. Allow a minimum of 3-4 clear, dry days before sealing. Before coating, sweep area and remove any loose stones. Make sure product is thoroughly mixed with no sediment present.


For best results apply 2 coats in temperatures above 12C. Only apply if no rain is forecast for at least 6 hours. Tarmaseal can be applied via a medium pile roller or large paint brush. Make sure a minimum of 2-4 hours is left between coats.

Health & Safety

All work should be carried out with safety goggles, mask and gloves.

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