Tea & Coffee Stain Reducer 500g

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A special product to reduce the colour of Tea and Coffee stains.  Only to be used after all else has failed.  Last resort product.


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Tea and Coffee Stain Reducer is a special oxygen based reducing agent, designed to reduce the colour from tea, coffee and tanning stains, thereby making the stain colourless. This product should only be used as a last resort as can strip the colour from fibres if not used carefully. Caution: must be thoroughly flushed or may continue to strip fibres

Directions for use:
Always test area first. Mix 20g (2 level teaspoons) in 400ml boiling water. Apply with spotting brush. (Can also be used cold by adding a few drops of acetic acid).
Thoroughly rinse & extract. Left over solution will not keep and must be mixed & used fresh each time. Avoid contact with metal surfaces as will cause black staining

Download the MSDS: Tea & Coffee Stain Reducer


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